Top escort no strings attached

top escort no strings attached

He's sexy, smart, and is willing to help her out and go to the reunion with her and play the dutiful boyfriend. He's good, but he's paid to be, right? The two hit it off from the start and it's all supposed to be a job for Jagger and a way for Leah to show everyone that she is successful in all aspects of her life, but the two are so attracted to each other that when it's all over they still can't seem to stay away from one another.

Other than the fact that they live in different states, the fact that Jagger is a male escort, they at least know they want to be with each other. I can't wait for book two to see where Jagger and Leah end up. This book was so much story on a small scale which was great. If offered me all of the delicious sexy swoon worthiness, packaged in an easy to read book.

The story line was genuine and carefree which made reading this book so much fun. It was exactly what I needed!! They had shared interests and common ground which made one weekend that was supposed to make Leah's life more bare able, turn into lust at first site. She wanted the fantasy and he wanted a little normalcy and when they got together hot and sexy conspired leaving them both completely satisfied! This book was an easy read and offered little angst which made me super excited to finish.

The story was great and had continuous flow which made character development and sequence fantastic. I recommend is book for its ease and comfortability splashed with a side of sexy.

Oct 11, Danielle rated it liked it. Red Cheeks Reads blog: Too Mills and Boon- ish for my liking. Jul 29, Kristiej rated it really liked it.

I read this one a while ago but just getting around to adding it now - have to make that goal I set. I think I already have but I just haven't been adding the books. The plan was to review every one I read but that has proven impossible.

So all I can add are my rather nebulous thoughts since I've read so many books since this one and the next two in the series. For some odd reason I have a liking for stories where the hero is in the "adult entertainment" business so when I saw this one a book tha I read this one a while ago but just getting around to adding it now - have to make that goal I set.

For some odd reason I have a liking for stories where the hero is in the "adult entertainment" business so when I saw this one a book that fits into this category I was sold.

And I liked it quite a bit. Who hasn't fantasized about showing up at a reunion or some other event where you see people from your past with a Very Good Looking guy on your arm? This is the theme of this book. Our heroine Leah has something to prove when she attends her reunion so she hires professional escort Jagger Holiday. They hit things off on an even deeper level. Though it would seem to be on the outside that Jagger has it all, being a gigolo is actually a lonely and soul sucking way to make a living.

Jagger also loves photography but doesn't feel he can make a living at it. But when he begins to confide in Leah, his life slowly starts to change and a real love story begins between these two. Jan 27, Liz rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I got a copy of this book free through BookBub. I had not read this author previously. I liked the heroine in this story. There was some good humor though out too. Honestly, it grossed me out a little. Wow What a great book. It was at turns poignant, funny and sweet. I really liked how Jagger and Leahy worked so hard to respect each other's boundaries and life choices, even the ones they didn't agree with. The book was well written with no errors that I saw.

The characters were engaging and interesting and the plot was not surprising, but moved well. The pacing was on point and if I didn't want to read the next book, this one ends at a good place. But I do want to read the next book to see what Wow What a great book. But I do want to read the next book to see what challenges they will face and how they overcome the obstacles set up in this book.

Such an Unexpected Treat!!! I went into this book completely blind. I'd never heard of the author or read any of her other books, but this book was on sale for free so I figured why not?! I'm so glad I took that chance! Jagger is a sexy, long haired escort that Leah hires to take to her highschool reunion. Little does she know, that they would both step away from the weekend wanting so much more!! This book was funny, sexy, sweet, and swoon worthy all rolled into one beautiful sto Such an Unexpected Treat!!!

This book was funny, sexy, sweet, and swoon worthy all rolled into one beautiful story. This is just the beginning of Jagger and Leah, and I can't wait to find out what happens next!! Jan 14, Mae Hanley rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed the story right up to the end. I know it's the 1st in a series, but I've never been one for HFN endings, and this isn't even a happy for now ending, it's more of a happy in the moment ending. I'm not sure I liked the characters enough to get pasted the editorial issues i.

I loved this book, Leah is a nuturer, always helping others, mostly at her expense. Her ex-husband is an appendage, and never passes up a chance to rub her nose in something and his new wife and her friend are the same. Jan 22, Kl rated it it was amazing. This book had serious editing problems. Even with that I gave it 5 stars. The characters were likable, you wanted them to win.

Even though the villains were not really that instrumental, or even describe all that much, in this book you hated them. Jan 05, Billie rated it liked it. Eh, warning, this is book 1 of Life I enjoyed this story a lot , lots of romance, sex and mystery. It showed how people can be mean and cruel and jealousy. Good This book is about the same as a lot of other books about escorts. You could figure out what was going to happen next. But still a good read. It is a great book to read.

Jun 22, Angel rated it really liked it Shelves: Surprisingly i really enjoyed this. Never dream to meet this way Story is good. Both characters are developed and have lives. Bringing them together this way is great. Jagger brings out a new her and she is great. Mar 28, Amber Myers added it. Jan 14, Wanda E. Do not like books that do not end. I hate to have to keep buying books to get the ending of the story.

They should have a warning before you start. Jan 06, Mandi Morgan rated it it was amazing. There is no resolution. Uh I hate that. But it was a great story and I will be buying the series to find out what happens.

Not Really A Standalone This is a pretty typical escort story with an ex who is just darned vindictive along with his second wife and friends.

This story hasn't finished.. I really detest all these continuing sagas. Had I known, I wouldn't have bothered. Lol This book will keep you smiling threw out the story. Well written with a sense of humour. Bravo to the author. Aug 09, Amy rated it liked it. Being an interior designer to the A-listers you think someone would be available to take her to her high school reunion but reality is Leah has no one. Her life is her teenage daughter, her parents and her business.

Although Leah knows her life is great the one thing she failed at eats away at her. If she can show her ex that she is successful in love as well as in life then maybe she can finally put the past behind her.

It wont be awkard, the guy would be a professional and after the reunion everyone goes their separate ways. If she can have it all for one weekend then forgetting her mistakes will be easier. Jagger Holiday is bored. He is tired of being an escort and wants more for himself. His photography hobby helps him cope but he wants more for his life. Every man should love having a different woman nightly with no strings attached but Jagger wants to finally know what it feels like to come home to the same woman.

When he sees the single mom that has hired him ….. This job will be easiest one of his life. There is some scandalous things going on in No Strings Attached. However I do wish that she was more confident. Good lord the woman is a huge success and has a magnificent daughter.

This is a quick easy read. She did redeem herself in one small scene but I would have loved to see her do that more often throughout the book. Jul 31, Caroline F rated it it was amazing. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Leah is a divorced mother with a blossoming TV career as an interior designer. She hates her ex who is truly an a-hole! Her best friend, Kari, has roped her into going to their year school reunion.

Photography is his true passion. Their attraction is instant. He breaks this rule at his initial meeting with Leah because he needed to kiss her just as much as she needed to be kissed.

Leah is somewhat repressed and Jagger is on a mission to draw her out of herself and see herself the way he sees her. The weekend is by turns awful due to seeing her ex and his entourage , and super sexy and hot. Their chemistry is off the charts! I loved how you can see that they are falling in love, and what I loved most was the way the author portrayed this without them ever needing to say those three little words.

They have a real and soulful connection of the mind, as well as the flesh. I enjoyed reading how the story progressed and mostly how Leah grows into a more confident woman, casting off her old shell, and fights for what she wants; sure of herself, her sexuality, and her attractiveness.

Jagger is just gorgeous! Alone for so long, cut off from his family, I loved how much he wanted Leah and was willing to put up with any obstacles to be with her. I need more Leah and Jagger! And, very soon, please!!! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. She enjoys spending time with the voices in her head—nudging the characters toward those bad decisions and a happily ever after. Join my reader group and get all the news first!

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.. When my best friend suggests I hire an escort for the weekend, I choose a man I'd never have a chance to date in real life. Jagger Holiday. Sinfully sexy. An artist. On the quest to know the best sex apps? We've checked out the latest apps offering no strings attached sex in your postcode. It's time to get downloading. In No Strings Attached we meet Leah and her best friend Kari currently in the throes of discussing about their high school reunion. Leah wants to bring a date as. 24 Aug All my book babies are special, but here's why No Strings Attached is A successful woman brings a male escort to her twentieth high When her best friend suggests she hire a date, Leah thinks the idea is scandalous. When my best friend suggests I hire an escort for the weekend, I choose a man I'd never have a chance to date in real life. Jagger Holiday. Sinfully sexy. An artist. Many people choose to use an escort service when they are feeling sexually of six million people across the globe looking for no-strings-attached fun between.


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Top escort no strings attached

: Top escort no strings attached

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Top escort no strings attached Women over 40 now have a higher fertility rate than ever. I made a beeline for the bartender, pulling Jagger along with me. Other books in the series. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Jagger is a photographer who has become an escort to make ends meet. What happens when Leah tries to pass Jagger off as her new boyfriend, but a vindictive woman is at the reunion?
Casual dating apps local women wanting sex Your email address will not be published. Once Upon A Time: But for me, this was a so-so read that ultimately left me a bit frustrated and disappointed. Can Leah deal with his profession? Great story and plenty of hot steamy sex. Meghan Markle may no longer be allowed to eat her favourite food.