Looking for a casual encounter archives Western Australia

looking for a casual encounter archives Western Australia

In her 80s, she took up pottery and art: For an American serviceman to be able marry an allied foreigner, permission needed to be first obtained from his commanding officer, and a six-month cooling-off period applied.

Commanding officers took into account the anti-miscegenation laws that operated in 29 of the then 48 American states that forbade marriages between white and non-white peoples, including African Americans, which would problematise interracial marriages if couples managed to emigrate to the United States. Australia had its own racial governance around marriage that differed across each state according to local protection laws and ordinances that required Aboriginal people wishing to marry to obtain the permission of the Protector of Aborigines or the like.

One example of how these complex legal restrictions shaped the wartime experience of marriage was alluded to by war correspondent Vincent Tubbs at the beginning of this essay.

Consequently, this meant they were also refused the right to parent their only child, Don Carter Jnr, together. When African American military personnel returned to civilian life, they faced exclusion in housing, discrimination in employment and the continuance of Jim Crow segregation, on top of the emotional ravages war brings. In Perth, the wartime engagement between civilians and US military had precipitated a permanent change of consciousness for Nyungar and other Aboriginal peoples living there, as happened elsewhere in Australia.

Political dialogues fomented in the card games, dance halls and along the Swan River and seaside camps impacted on the younger generation in particular. This amplified as Aboriginal veterans returned home from military service with a better understanding of their citizenship rights and a vision of what equality might look like. Thus the Coolbaroo League established its base just outside the prohibited zone.

In this way, the famed Coolbaroo Club dances began, explicitly taking their cue from the mixed-race wartime dances. This political invigoration can be seen as a direct result of the dialogues and interventions that came into being with the creation of an entirely new contact zone when the African American troops arrived on Australian soil. The influence of the African Americans was felt everywhere. As we have seen, policing intimacy was at the heart of reproducing white citizenship across Australian and American hemispheres.

The mobility enabled by war provoked longitudinal change. Aboriginal women crossed physical and intellectual boundaries imposed by white settler colonialism, leaving permanent legacies well beyond the families they created. They also shaped the meaning of nation and citizenship through the politics of their lives. Through their agency and lived experiences, these women firmly challenged social attitudes to race, nation and settler colonial identity.

They asserted advocacy and fostered new avenues for their children. For many, raising their children successfully with a sensibility of their history and heritage was an overriding act of resistance in itself, forever widening the scope of the Australian family and extending Aboriginal sovereignty transnationally. Thus, s Australia has been recognised by historians as critical to the development of the Indigenous and other rights movements that gained momentum in the s, arising partially from the intense mobility of the war when colonised peoples actively came together like no other time before.

My gratitude to Swinburne University for providing a research sabbatical to undertake essential fieldwork, and to the Centre for Media Culture and History, New York University, and the Fay Gale Centre, University of Adelaide, for each extending Visiting Research Fellowships, warm collegiality and intellectual stimulation.

I thank colleagues at these events for their thoughtful feedback. I extend thanks to the two anonymous reviewers whose thoughtful comments have improved this paper.

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Looking for a casual encounter archives Western Australia

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