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Congress did it, they fucked escorts in the name of human trafficking. Trafficking hysteria has captured to minds of our elected officials, once again. All except for Ron Wyden and Ron fucking Paul.

First up is from: As seen on Twitter and posted here, with her permission. Commit an entire day from your calendar to follow these steps. D Who is Professional. E Who Is Not. F Who is Blocked. Open 2 Proton Mail Accounts. A One for professional business name. B Second for recovery email. After you have organized your original professional email into those folders… Transfer that information them over to the new professional email accounts I have listed above that you have made for yourself.

Go to each of your advertisement platforms that are based in the US and remove any and all special keywords that can be associated with sex work. Treat each US based advertising platform as a profile for strictly dating.. Go on your twitter and social platforms and clean house. Remove anything and everything that can or will be perceived as a worker verses a dating profile.

This included comments, DM messages, paid profile links, etc that allude to worker status verses dating status. Contributors This Is For You. Do not waste a dating profiles time when you are just seeking an emotional connection.. This puts them at risk. Stop it and keep it professional. We all have them or used too. You have two phones for two reasons you do not ever mix the two.

One is for booking dating spots, one is for checking your grocery lists. Keep it on the minute that phone is on and the minute that phone is off.

Your preferred form of contact should always be email, from the new email you have provided. When posting photo pictures from your cell phone.. Make sure you always always screenshot at least times, zooming in, and posting it then. That is just blatantly putting it out there!

Discretion is key to staying busy. Supporting one another is the key to keeping safe. Avoid the drama like the plague. Follow all my steps listed above and you will be good to go! There you have it folks. I know its a lot of work, you know whats more work? Trying to get out on bail for a federal crime or trying to make rent with no job.

What is a VPN: How to find your government reps: Backpage was shut down. What happens next is panic. Try to stay calm. You will be okay, develop a new plan. Get to work implementing it.

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