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When her modelling and pop career faded, she said: I sank deeper and deeper into depression and hated the world. The authors also uncovered evidence of how a Serbian gangster, Mille Markovic, hosted parties for the King and his friends at an underground club in Stockholm, below the National Police Department. Mr Markovic described how the club had a jacuzzi inside, and the girls invited to the parties "threw off their clothes and sat in the men's laps". In the evenings the women were assigned their rooms.

Mr Markovic told a Swedish newspaper yesterday: The entire world will see. This is no fake but real facts. I can prove every single thing. But perhaps one of the most intriguing elements of the scandal, for those outside the Scandanavian country, is how the Swedish population have reacted.

Over 80 per cent say that the lurid allegations have not changed their perception of the King — and almost 50 per cent say that it is wrong for journalists to look into the private lives of their royal family. Upon hearing about the book, producers an investigative news programme met with the authors - only to decide that they weren't interested in investigating the royal family.

But despite the media whirlwind, Swedes seem very relaxed about their head of state's behaviour. It was completely brilliant. Carl XVI Gustaf was himself. Half of all Swedes say they have very good or good faith in the King. That is a sensational result for a 'Reluctant Monarch'. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Wednesday 27 June Swedes in shock at King Carl Gustaf sex scandal Sweden has been shocked by revelations about their quietly dignified King.

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