Brothels review girls who just want to fuck Melbourne

brothels review girls who just want to fuck Melbourne

I like to explain it to clients. You may be and great kisser -but not every guy is an amazing kisser, he might slobber all your make up off -we have to reapply it straight after a booking. Your beard might scratch us if you go down on us - if you put us out of action downstairs - we don't get paid.

You might mark us. Not to mention to cleaning of toys,if you cum over us and it goes everywhere - clean up. If you want to fuck our face until we vomit. Loads of things like that. Honestly, I would have thought things like re-applying make up, cleanliness, cum going everywhere would have been part of the up front cost.

I originally thought the extra fee for kissing was because at least in movies people claim that that's too intimate so either they want to save it for someone special or charge extra for it. I assume that means the guy fingering the girl and not the girl fingering the guy's butthole.

The latter I can see an extra fee for, but the prior I would have thought that would be included in the up front cost and not an extra.

Same goes for scratching with beards. I honestly didn't think that would put someone out of action although if it does I can totally see charging extra for it.

Wear and tear in a business sense is more referring to operational overhead as opposed to an extra service. I saw it as ' wear ing specific clothes for the client to tear off' because I'm sure some people would get off on that. I guess I am weird for seeing 'wear and tear' as a possible fetish option as opposed to keeping meaning in a general business sense.

And maybe also my idea of sex is weird if my mind automatically assumes kissing and fingering is included. What are some of the rudest and nicest clients you have had? Is it often people will return seeking just you? Or they're just obnoxious dickheads in which case we kick them out. I've never really had any rude clients. Nice clients are awesome! I love hanging with good regulars. I've had people bring me expensive gifts - designer shoes etc. We get lots of regulars. What made you decide to do this for a job?

Ever have one of those days? Is it common for guys who want to talk? I've been in the sex industry for a few years. It's satisfying, easy work with good pay. I've got two degrees and have worked on and off in my field but prefer sex work.

Like any job you have 'those days' where you can't be bothered or have pain in the ass clients - the beauty of the sex industry is that usually you're doing ok so you can afford to take days off and stay home if you wake up not feeling it!

After all, they're paying a lot of money. It's important to treat clients like people, not wallets. There are more girls of an evening but they may be booked. You're always allowed to come and say hi then leave if no one takes your fancy. I work day shifts usually because they're a bit more relaxed.

I took a few colleagues to Daily Planet as they were keen. Lady on the door was quite insistent that we all pay up before we go in. Quite annoying as 1 I was just a chaperone 2 "It'll be taken off your booking" was not reasonable as there wasn't much talent around. Not in the brothel so far. When I worked privately I had a footballer and a b-grade actor as regular clients. My mother makes costumes for working girls and strippers. I used to sell them. I probably know you. I have roughly around a million questions about all this, but I'm drawing mostly a blank.

I may be back.. Like "if you think that's bad, remember the time blahblahblah"? Is this common practice? And what do you do in the meantime? Are you an escort, or desk? Or do you prefer to save the hassle and just say something simple? And do you plan on stopping? How are you guys with the police? I'll never understand reddit logic. The worst thing is people so drunk or high that they don't even know what's happening.

Generally we eject them without them seeing anyone. On the odd occasion they stay and they're pretty easy bookings - we just let them pass out haha. I had a guy with a menstrual fetish - bought a pack of pads and we both hung out in bed wearing them. And no - I didn't have my period haha. Everyone's got a good story! People who fall asleep, want to fuck you hard for 4 hours straight, smelly people We've all got some classics.

We always change sheets, towels and pillowcases and sanitise the showers between bookings. Rooms are inspected between bookings. Our laundry room is HUGE and the recpetionists fold clean stuff.

Can't speak for other places though! I do 6 hour shifts - so that usually leaves 3 hours for reading, smoking, hanging with the other girls etc. It can get really boring. During the week we get a mix of businessmen - 40 somethings who have a few hours off or come down during their lunch break. We also get retirees. Lots of old guys. What made you switch to brothel work after private escorting? Pros and cons of brothel vs.

I've done this before. It annoyed the crap out of me then, and I vowed to figure out how to fix. Totally forgot it was an issue, and probably would have gone through the same cycle next time had you not helped! Not OP, but a legal brothel manager - all our girls are taught what to look for re: It seems like there are a lot of people here from the sex industry. Im a manager of one of the smaller Asian brothels. Should be noted that girls don't have to provid a 'clean' result.

The certificates just say the SP was tested.. Girls are required to have exams every three months - we get a certificate and need this to work. Most people go more often.

Regarding clients - were taught what to look out for and check your goods before each booking. We always use condoms for oral and full service.

Why did you switch from private to brothel and what are the main differences? Can you film a session if you pay extra? Can you describe the owners characteristics? Have you ever refused anyone?

What about freshly turned 18 year olds I bet you get heaps of them? That must be weird having to have sex with teenagers. Sup, How is your life outside of work. Do you have a bf, did you ever?

Thanks for making yourself available to do this. One question - do you feel your work has affected your attitude to men? I ask because I have a friend who used to work in a laptop club and I saw how, over time, her opinion of males generally declined because of the disgusting, drunken pigs she had to deal with at work. Maybe not the harder ones like HIV but niggling ones like chlamydia or herpes. If you're in your 20s or 30s I'd almost go as far as to suggest that you probably know someone who's a sex worker or has been.

People talking negatively about it don't really worry me - they're generally just uninformed. I do my best to correct them about misconceptions wherever possible. I met a girl in a bar who turned out to be a sex worker. I was kinda into her too, before she told me.

Haven't spoken to her in a while. I don't know, you should probably save yourself and her the trouble. Your gut instinct was to be turned off by her job.

If I were her I wouldn't want anything to do with a guy who couldn't handle it deep down. If it was the other factors that dissuaded you, why even mention that she was a sex worker? It obviously bothered you. It does bother me, but I don't think that makes me a bad person. I mentioned it because it was the theme of the thread. I had already gone cold because it didn't seem like we had that much in common, and also because it wouldn't work out with our differing hours.

I ended up asking what we were anyway and we confirmed friends. Actually I'm unremoving this comment so people can see how much you are a fucking idiot. Thanks for reporting that. Missed that it has personal info in it. Will be able to send it to Steve00 if he needs it.

Alpha this is the second time I've seen you have to step in like this, you're a great mod dude. We have a pretty nice chill community here. Seeing people make threats like this though, haven't seen something as targeting as that.

Woozername you fucked up son. Like did dating change when you started working at a brothel? How does it affect your sex life? I want to start getting a feel for brothels and the sex industry..

Is there a way I can work for brothels without doing full service? Such as reception or something? I smiled and said ah, oh, ok! I must confess to having been caught off guard and at this point but I was convinced I would be coming down to see La La after Yuki, but as I mentioned the spirit was willing but the body and energy level sadly were depleted! I was told by Dennis they have six ladies in total rostered throughout the shifts. I have been to Tender Touch a couple of times in years gone by but this is the first time I have stayed and it was a very pleasant experience all round.

Please keep in mind the YMMV factor in all punts but I highly recommend Yuki and I am looking forward to going back to sample some of the other beautiful ladies there. Good luck and this seems to be a very pleasant establishment, Dennis seems like a nice guy, so treat the ladies and the management with respect and happy punting!

After reading the reviews of Yuki I decided to book her sight unseen — a first time for everything! Not having any car today was a worry as this place is somewhat difficult to get to on public transport, the bus service only half hourly so I ended up walking from North Melbourne station but not before reconfirming that the booking was still valid — otherwise this review would have been for TMC!

I arrived only 3 mins late and was greated by the friendly receptionist standing outside having a smoke in the sunshine. She was aware of the booking — good organisation as I had booked the day before with an asian gent — so thiis was encouraging. Yuki came in while I was still in the shower — soap dispenser dreadful — and sprayed the room with deodoriser? She also helped dry me after the shower which was nice. Yuki is a lovely lady with flawless skin and a very trim body as described by other reviewers.

I used to see an asian WL with the body of a 19YO who was actually 43!!! It is service that counts every time and having spent time in Japan on vacations, I know what level of service is the norm in that country and it puts ours to shame but thats digressing. Yuki provided an excellent BBBJ making sure I always had a good view in the mirror which was about the only good feature of the room I could comment on. She has a very good gentle technique which I liked and concentrated on my pleasure rather than seeing how fast she could make me come!

I can normally get a WL to relax but Yuki seemed to be a bit wary — maybe my misconception? Then onto the usual cowgirl and finishing with mish, getting over the line right on the buzzer although I am sure she is not a clockwatcher. She has great control and is really tight because I am only average size. Although there was some kissing and meeting of tongues one could not really call it a GFE but that apart, a most enjoyable punt with a very lovely lady. She did indicate in a most direct way that she would like to see me again but of course she may do this to all her customers — but I may just have to go back to find out!!??

She finished by drying me off after my shower and dressing me including tying my shoe laces — the last woman to do that was my mum and that was a long time ago! If DFK were to form part of the normal service I would go back on a regular basis as everything else on my checklist was ticked with the tight body a bonus. Nevertheless, I was introduced to two very attractive Korean girls.

They both spoke enough English to understand me, so getting things clear about preferred service was not too much of a challenge. I certainly liked the sound of that! Lala is actually a good humored and very pretty girl. She is early twenties; size six to eight dress size, small but nice breasts.

She also has long black hair which featured in a moment of unexpected splendor. I will tell you about that later. I fixed your kitchen last month. Up the stairs and into a rather cheaply furnished, but clean and presentable room. Thank heavens for that. I scrubbed up and Lala was soon to return.

We have to be fair. Nevertheless, hers was a lovely pussy to orally consume for a good five minutes or so. Trimmed rather than shaved. She did this quite well with some tongue work and she relaxed and properly got into it.

Got to put a YMMV rider on this part of the review. Then she wanted to do me. She asked me to lay back — Oh no! Not again with the massage, I thought. But actually the best part of the session was just about to commence….. Her kisses upon my body were cool soft and damp, lingering and exploratory. Beautiful enough to make me writhe with pleasure. I decided to reach back and grab the rods of the steel bed head and just go with it.

Her small but beautiful body looked fabulous as she crawled over me. She got between my legs and kissed around the general area and more besides and then commenced a BJ that was very much the kind a BF might expect from his GF.

It was enhanced by the slow and ponderous way she did it whilst looking up at me, and the horny sense of hunger she was giving off. A truly brilliant part of the session: She turned around and we got into sixty-nine for a while.

We slipped out of that and Lala condomed me up and started to ride me cowgirl. You have got me going now girl! Then her hands went behind her own head. Always a beautiful pose when a woman does that as it lifts her breasts, shows her arms to full effect and stretches her upper body. Like a Neoclassical sculpture. Then her hands undoing her hair……and down it tumbled, cascading across her shoulders and breasts, turning her from the beautiful to the exquisite. She squealed in Korean, pressed her hands against my chest, and I shot my load in both visual and physical seventh heaven, as I watched her beautiful tumbling hair frame her face.

I sat up and we were facing each other for a moment, her legs around me. She kissed me deeply. I held on to the ring of the condom as she dismounted. She got the tissues. Did the usual clean-up thing. Then she lay next to me. So we had a nice chat and told each other a few things about each other.

Tender Touch has been sitting on the side of Dynon Road for a long time. Long before the time I started punting. Like Ladies for Gentlemen I have always admired the way it is so conspicuous and arrogant in its presence.

But it looks like it is going through a renaissance at the moment. I am pleased that today I met a girl who finally motivated me to take a punt there. Spoke to both of them. So I booked 30 mins with Alice.

Alice is a slim, mid 20s Korean girl with natural A-B-cup. And her pussy was nicely shaved and extremely tight. She offered me a massage after I finished, then asked me to give her a massage which I was happy to do. Overall not bad for services. Have procrastinated on sharing my thoughts here for a while, but I guess its time to spill the beans…. Came buy here a while back with time to kill in the area, had heard good things, but didnt think I really felt like a punt.

Got the intros, only a few girls free was a sunday arvo but all worthwhile, but settled on a long haired beauty named Rose… Nice girl curvy size eight-ten, but NOT the main subject of this review. Was impressed enough that as I drove past on a sunday evening, I thought I may revisit the occasion.

Boa is a very petite size six to eight, short hair, smallish A cup breasts, yet her overall figure, and her gorgeous face, convey an utterly feminine look. I wont try give a blow by blow description, as others are far more capable of that than I, and I am too involved in the moment to take much in way of mental notes, suffice to say that the BBBJ was very sensitive and sensual, to my liking, nibbling at that delicious shaved pussy was divine, and it was overall such a pleasure, I found my self rushing down at the end of forty five minutes, to pay for another thirty… Yes, she is THAT good: Alas, this story has a not so happy ending, next visit, I came earlier on a sunday arvo, to find Boa didnt start till six I need to be out of town by four and by the next visit after that, found she was headed back to Korea for a while…..

It now seems to me I need to work my way thru this bevy of beauties, to figure out which is best to occupy my spare time I think Jasmine may be next, so would love a review , till the captivating Boa returns.

Visited for the first time yesterday. Lots of Korean girls, scottish receptionist. She was very innocent and accommodationg — full kissing, fingering anal but wouldnt let me drop load over her pretty face.

.. Brothels review girls who just want to fuck Melbourne 12 Dec Asian massage parlors Melbourne sex massage girls If you wanted a luxury brothel you could visit Gotham City at Clarke St but the Westside X is also thought to be very good, and if you only have time to visit one or. 17 Feb Do single men feel as lonely as single women on Valentine's Day? I Le Boudoir is one of Melbourne, Australia's few brothels to be run entirely by women . Is it true that lonely men just want to fuck? . "It's good for people who feel left out during this Valentine's crap to come here," she said thoughtfully. 25 Jul What it's like inside Daily Planet, Melbourne's most notorious brothel But the future of the notorious sex house is in doubt, as it has gone into there day or night and who pay up to $ for an hour with a girl. “I always give per cent — when people see a hooker, they want a really good experience.

Brothels review girls who just want to fuck Melbourne

For the most part, johns are nice normal guys looking for a little companionship and connection. A little googling led me to the only brothel in Melbourne that was owned and operated entirely by women. I love your gentleman's club and brothel. Stayed with rachel and OMG, she gave an escort couple busty asian sex time. Got the intros, only a few girls free was a sunday arvo but all worthwhile, but settled on a long haired beauty named Rose… Nice girl curvy size eight-ten, but NOT the main subject of this review. This made me a little uncomfortable as it would be a bit awkward coming out of the shower only to run into another punter.

Brothels review girls who just want to fuck Melbourne