Beautiful companions au birth s and marriages New South Wales

beautiful companions au birth s and marriages New South Wales

He died aged 84 in December Samuels was born on 12 August in London , England, to a family of Jewish origin. His grandfather, Jacob Samuels, left Lithuania for Edinburgh. He travelled to Australia and married Mary Michaelson, whom he had met in Edinburgh. Harry ran a cinema in Moree before going to war in France with his brother, Lou, who won the Military Cross. Harry married Zelda Glass after the war and they settled in Cricklewood , London, where Samuels was born.

At Oxford he was awarded the degree of a Master of Arts. Entering the legal profession, Samuels was called to the bar at Inner Temple in Called to the New South Wales bar in , Samuels gained a reputation as being a "persuasive advocate and destructive cross-examiner". As a Judge of Appeal until , and as an Acting Judge afterwards until , he participated in many of the leading decisions of that court.

No judge was more gifted in delivering accurate and elegant ex-tempore reasons immediately following argument. He displayed a command of facts and law and the well-furnished mind that he brought to the resolution of every judicial problem. While a Judge of Appeal, Samuels performed many other public functions.

This new research building was named in his and his wife's honour in recognition of their services to the university since His wife, Mrs Samuels, was awarded the degree of Doctor of the University , honoris causa. The appointment of Samuels as Governor of New South Wales in was followed by some controversy, not because of any doubt about his qualifications, but because of the accompanying announcement by the Premier of New South Wales , Bob Carr.

On these changes, Carr said: If Mr Samuels withdraws, or is forced to withdraw, from such apparently mundane matters as opening country shows, or being patron of community organisations, it can hardly be said that he is bringing the office closer to the people.

Nevertheless, despite this turbulent beginning in office, particularly in terms of a change in role, Samuels was able to continue many of the traditions of office and served with dignity and distinction until his retirement in March But it was never reflected personally on the Hon.

It was reflected against the Government at the time but it was never a reflection on the Governor. Gordon Samuels carried out his duties as the Governor very effectively. Samuels remained active after his governorship, inquiring into activities of the Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation and allegations that "loose talk" by diplomatic staff had led to the exposure of agent Warren Reed. What was in contemplation was an attack of the gravest kind upon the fitness of a High Court judge.

Would not the Prime Minister have asked his friend of whom he speaks in affectionate terms to show him the material which justified so serious a course? Samuels also resumed his activities in the Law Reform Commission, serving as a Part-time commissioner from to Packer was the first person to make money out of cricket by telecasting it in TV which created interest in people to watch cricket.

He was involved in a number of other gambling and tourism ventures, notably Crown Casino in Melbourne. Packer was widely respected in business circles, courted by politicians on both sides, and was widely regarded as one of the most astute businessmen of his time, despite having been a poor student.

Although Packer's reputation as an astute businessman was legendary and he made some good investments, he was by no means a self-made man — his grandfather Robert Clyde Packer and his father Sir Frank Packer had built up the media empire and its related holdings over many decades.

Moreover, Packer was not the first choice to take over the running of the family's business empire — his father had intended that Kerry's elder brother Clyde Packer would take over the company, but Clyde fell out with his father in the early s and left Australia permanently. Further, his principal Australian investments in television and casinos were highly protected from competition by government regulation which Packer and his employees worked very hard to have maintained.

The Packer family's business reputation suffered a blow when One. Tel , a telephone company in which his son James Packer had invested, collapsed in Kerry Packer was also one of Australia's largest landholders.

In a deposit of rubies was discovered on one of his properties. The Packer family has long been involved in media. Sir Frank wanted Kerry to experience work in the Newspaper Industry from the ground up, so Packer started in the loading dock of the Sydney newspaper The Telegraph , loading papers.

He was not originally destined for the role, but in the early s Kerry took the place of the designated successor, his older brother, the late Clyde Packer , after Clyde fell out with their father, quit PBL and moved to America. Kerry took over the running of PBL in , on the death of his father. In Packer made a fortune at the expense of disgraced tycoon Alan Bond.

Packer later quipped; "You only get one Alan Bond in your lifetime, and I've had mine". After the sale to Bond, Packer said that he had regretted the decision to sell Nine and wished he had not gone through with the transaction. Packer was known to sometimes take a direct interest in the editorial content of his papers, although he was far less interventionist than the notoriously hands-on Rupert Murdoch.

Packer also occasionally interfered directly in the programming of his TV stations; in he famously called his Sydney station, TCN-9 and ordered its personnel to " Get that shit off the air! It has since aired in its entirety. It was also said that he often manipulated broadcasts of cricket himself, in order to ensure that the end of a cricket match was broadcast, despite previously set television broadcast schedules.

Packer faced a Australian government inquiry into the print media industry with some reluctance, but great humour. When asked to state his full name and the capacity in which he appeared, he replied: I have appeared here reluctantly. Packer fronted the inquiry over allegations that he had some secret control over the content of the Fairfax papers an organisation that Packer had wished to purchase for sometime, but was restricted from via cross-ownership laws.

During the inquiry he repeatedly berated the politicians conducting it, and the government. When asked about his company's tax minimisation schemes, he replied: And if anybody in this country doesn't minimise their tax, they want their heads read, because as a government, I can tell you you're not spending it that well that we should be donating extra! Although it had a tough year in against rival Seven Network aided largely by US TV hits such as Desperate Housewives and Lost Nine still finished the year as the number one network.

In the Nine Network cricket rights deal led to a confrontation with the cricket authorities, as top players from several countries rushed to join him at the expense of their international sides. One of the leaders of the "rebellion" was England captain Tony Greig. Greig remained a commentator on the Nine Network's payroll until his death in December Packer's aim was to secure broadcasting rights for Australian cricket, and he was largely successful.

In the s the global cricket establishment fiercely opposed Packer in the courts. To counter the establishment, Packer hired the ten best Senior Counsels in the UK and put them on retainers, stipulating that they were not to take on any additional work during the court case the sole purpose of which was to deny the establishment the best legal minds to prosecute their case.

Packer was famously quoted from a meeting with the Australian Cricket Board , with whom he met to negotiate the rights to televise cricket. According to witnesses, he said: What is your price? Both wanted a professional worldwide rugby union competition in Packer was often the centre of controversy.

One of the earliest incidents occurred on 7 June , when his father was trying to take over the Anglican Press, a small publisher run by Francis James. According to author Richard Neville , Frank Packer was angered by James' refusal to sell the Anglican Press, so he sent Kerry and some burly friends to pressure him into selling. They forced their way in and reportedly began vandalising the premises, but James was able to barricade himself in his office and call his friend Rupert Murdoch , Packer's most powerful rival.

Murdoch quickly dispatched his own team of 'heavies', who threw Kerry and friends out. Not surprisingly, the Murdoch press had a field day with the news that the son of Australia's biggest media tycoon had been caught brawling in the street. Like Murdoch, Packer's critics saw his ever-expanding cross-media holdings as a potential threat to media diversity and freedom of speech.

He also repeatedly came under fire for his companies' alleged involvement in tax evasion schemes and for the extremely low amounts of company tax that his corporations are reported to have paid over the years. He fought repeated battles with the Australian Taxation Office over his corporate taxes.

His most severe legal challenge came in with the Costigan Commission alleging using the codename of "the squirrel", renamed "the Goanna " in media reports [12] that he was involved in tax evasion and organised crime, including drug trafficking. He successfully counter-attacked the Commission with the assistance of his counsel Malcolm Turnbull. I have a squirrel mentality. I like to keep money in cash. It is by no means the most cash I ever had in my life. Notwithstanding the significant efforts made to preserve his security and privacy, Packer suffered two mysterious break-ins at his companies' headquarters in Park Street, Sydney:.

Packer courted controversy by breaking the sports boycott of apartheid South Africa which prevented South African sportsmen from representing their country. Packer chose to break it by recruiting a number of prominent South African cricketers to play on his World Series Cricket Team.

His timing was heavily criticised, coming just months after the Soweto riots and the death of Steve Biko , murdered by the members of the South African security forces.

His primary schooling suffered greatly when he was stricken with a severe bout of poliomyelitis at age eight, and he was confined to an iron lung for nine months. His father apparently thought little of his son's abilities, once cruelly describing him as "the family idiot", although Kerry subsequently steered PBL to heights far beyond anything his father or brother achieved.

This nickname his father gave Kerry made him strive to new heights in schooling, trying to achieve "A" grades, his end of year report said he was one of the most notable students.

In an interview, former employee Trevor Sykes stated that " He didn't read much on the printed page. If you didn't want Kerry to read something, you wrote more than a one-page memo. Packer's grandfather Herbert Bullmore represented the Scotland national rugby union team in an international match against Ireland in Dublin in and worked as a doctor in Sydney for many years.

At the time of Packer's death, he and Ros had two grandchildren: Francesca then 10, and Ben, then 7, from Gretel's first marriage to British financier Nick Barham, [19] and Gretel and her husband Shane Murray were expecting their first child together, William born Packer is known to have conducted extra-marital affairs with a number of women including the late model Carol Lopes—who reportedly committed suicide after being shunned by Packer—publisher and former ConPress employee Ita Buttrose , and Julie Trethowan, his long-time mistress and manager from of the Packer-owned Sydney city health and fitness club, the Hyde Park Club.

After his death, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that from about , Packer transferred control of multimillion-dollar Sydney real estate holdings to Trethowan. In June the Sydney Morning Herald reported that former Federal Opposition leader, and current Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull — a former legal adviser and business associate of Packer — revealed to journalist Annabel Crabb that Packer had threatened to have him killed when they fell out over their attempt to take over the Fairfax newspaper group through their Tourang consortium.

Packer reportedly made the threat after Turnbull told Packer he was going to have him thrown out of the consortium by revealing Packer's intention to play an interventionist role in the newspaper group. He was an advocate of the Australian Republic Movement. Packer was a keen polo player.

... This new research building was named in his and his wife's honour in recognition of their services to the university since The fighting around Passchendaele proved to be the division's last offensive actions for and they spent the winter months in the rear training, or undertaking defensive duties in reasonably quiet sectors of the line as they were reformed and brought back up to strength [13]. Monday, 15 August And another one Even on written forms, dealing with migrants details can be challenging. According to witnesses, he said: 24 7 brothels escort reviews Melbourne

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Beautiful companions au birth s and marriages New South Wales

to the west. | See more ideas about Australia travel, Beautiful places and Places to visit. Pins. · Followers S animal reference. Find this Pin . Wilson's great-aunt was Lillian Bounds, who was married to Walt Disney. Find this Pin .. Layne Beachley born , Manly, New South Wales, Australia. She is the. BackgroundCivil registration of births, deaths and marriages in the Colony of New South Wales commenced in Prior to this date, baptisms, marriages and. 27 Aug I do not think she had any companions about. The verdict was . [8] New South Wales, Australia Census (Australian Copy), [9] New [18] New South Wales Births Deaths Marriages .. Mosman is a beautiful harbour-side suburb just north of Sydney. Her birth was.